Small Town. Gig Deal.

Gig-speed internet is arriving in Dallas!

We are Willamette Valley Fiber, a triple-play service provider operating in Dallas, Oregon. We offer the fastest internet in town, with download speeds up to 1000Mbps (1 GIG).

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Your path to Better Connection

How Fiber-to-the-home works to bring you the fastest speeds in town

Fiber-to-the-home comes from fiber optic cables made of glass fibers covered in plastic. These cables allow your internet and tv data to be stored in light rather than electromagnetic waves, and can transmit data faster than any other cable technology. The cables are then run straight to any home in an eligible neighborhood, giving you direct access to the internet, without being slowed down by having to share bandwidth with your neighbors.


Don’t just take our word for our amazing service, the leadership of Willamette Valley Fiber has been recognized as the top of the industry for many years, including an award from Oregon Connections for developing “an innovative telecommunications partnership … providing improved access, reliability and affordability for underserved and rural communities.”