Wireless connection keeps dropping or is too slow?

Are you frequently losing your wireless signal? Are you experiencing slow speeds? This issue can be a result of a number of things; the age of the router, the amount of devices connected, and the position of the router in the home can all affect connection and speed. Try a speed test, by going to speedtest.net. Start by removing the router and connecting directly from the internet outlet to a computer or laptop. If there is no service interruption and/or your speed increased by doing this while directly connected, the router might have a problem. If it is your own purchased router we recommend that you contact the router manufacturer for troubleshooting suggestions specific to their equipment. If you tried a direct hardwired connection (from the Internet outlet directly to the computer with no router in between) and you have no connection or are still experiencing slow speeds, please contact our office. A technician will need to be dispatched for further assistance.