Do you have after hours support?

Yes. We have on-call technicians that you can leave a message for at 503-837-1700 option #1.

What kind of equipment do I need for Willamette Valley Fiber internet?

Willamette Valley Fiber offers high-speed fiber optic internet. This means that our service does not use a modem. A piece of equipment called an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is installed at your home, though you do not pay any rental fees for this piece of equipment. If you intend on using WiFi services, you will need a wireless router. This is a device you can purchase from another party, or rent from us. Our routers are $8.99 per month, and incur a one time installation fee of $29.99.

Does Willamette Valley Fiber have any contracts?

No! Willamette Valley Fiber does not have any contracts. We offer services on a month to month basis.

Do you have an App?

We do not have an app, but we do offer the option to register for and log into an online account. You can create an online account by visiting our website and selecting Payments. At this point you can either log in to begin viewing your charges or making a payment on your account, or choose to register a new account. When registering for a new account, be sure to use the Invoice number and Amount Due from  your most recent invoice. Please call our office at 503-837-1700 if you need assistance finding this information.

How can I pay my bill?

You can pay your Willamette Valley Fiber bill a number of ways. If you are not signed up for Auto Pay (Please refer to Questions about Automatic Payments) you pay with cash, credit or debit card, as well as check. We accept all forms of payment in our office, but keep in mind that we do not offer change back, but can apply additional payment as a credit on your account. If you are unable to pay in our office, you can pay by card over the phone, by leaving a payment in our dropbox, by mailing us your payment or setting your payments up to be sent to us via your bank’s bill pay option, or you can register for and log in to your online account and make payments there.

What are the partial monthly charges on my bill?

Partial monthly charges reflect charges from a different bill cycle. For example, if you started your service December 25th; the bill you receive that is due January 20th will reflect charges from December 25th to the 31st in addition to the normal monthly charges for the month of January. Credits applied to your account will also reflect as partial monthly charges.

Wireless connection keeps dropping or is too slow?

Are you frequently losing your wireless signal? Are you experiencing slow speeds? This issue can be a result of a number of things; the age of the router, the amount of devices connected, and the position of the router in the home can all affect connection and speed. Try a speed test, by going to speedtest.net. Start by removing the router and connecting directly from the internet outlet to a computer or laptop. If there is no service interruption and/or your speed increased by doing this while directly connected, the router might have a problem. If it is your own purchased router we recommend that you contact the router manufacturer for troubleshooting suggestions specific to their equipment. If you tried a direct hardwired connection (from the Internet outlet directly to the computer with no router in between) and you have no connection or are still experiencing slow speeds, please contact our office. A technician will need to be dispatched for further assistance.

Questions about Automatic Payments

If you’re signed up for Auto-Pay your total balance due will be drafted on the 19th of every month. In the event that the 19th falls on a weekend or a holiday we will draft your account the business day before. We offer Auto-Pay with a voided check from your checking account, or using your debit/credit card. To update your current Auto-Pay information you’ll need to provide a new voided check or debit/credit card info and sign a new Auto-Pay form. The form can be printed from our Support page and mailed/faxed in or brought to our office. We can only accept Auto-Pay information from an authorized user on your WVF account. If you need to cancel Auto-Pay, call us 503-837-0700 or e-mail us at csr@wvalleyfiber.net and let us know at least 3 days prior to the 19th

What is my billing cycle and when is the bill due?

Our billing cycle is from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. The bills are mailed out the 1st of the month. Every month the bill will be due by the 20th. If you’re signed up for Auto-Pay we draft the total balance due on the 19th of the month. In the event that the 19th falls on a holiday or a weekend, we will draft the balance due on the business day before.